Styling Your Engagement Session

         Currently I am booking a lot of engagement sessions and I find my couples asking a plethora of questions regarding locations and how they should "style" their engagement shoot. Figuring out what looks best on camera can be challenging and so today I am going begin a series of posts over the next few weeks to give some helpful insight in regards to clothing, make-up & Hair, props, locations, time of day to book and how to get past the photo jitters. 



Today’s topic of discussion is Clothing

One of my most frequently asked questions is what should I wear? Now while it is difficult for me to give very specific tips on what you should wear (because I don't know what is in your closet) I can give some broader advice to help you find that specific outfit that will look fantastic in your photos. 


Dress to Impress!

Wear something that makes you feel fantastic! Dressing up a little not only makes you feel classy it also tends to give you a little more confidence in your photos. If you feel you look your best that confidence will definitely read on camera. Dressing up also makes photos look more chic and well designed. I personally love it when couples wear more formal wear!


Make sure you fit the season.

Dress season appropriate so you don't feel too hot or too cold on the day. If you feel uncomfortable it typically changes how you act as well as your posture. You also want to avoid being covered in goose bumps or sweat/shine. All this being said, if you are really determined to wear a dress even though it is a little too chilly out, I am always ready to take breaks throughout the shoot for you to warm up in order to get the look you have your heart set on.


Neutral tones yay! Busy Patterns Nay!

One of my most common suggestions is to wear neutral tones and to avoid a lot of pattern. If you do want to have a patterned dress or dress shirt, try to have your partner wear solid colours so the photo doesn't look too busy. When is comes to colour and patterns in photography, I always find less is more!